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The Annihilate Them Series


The series with more than 3.5 million books sold worldwide in six different languages.

Contemporary Urban Fiction
Annihilate Them: A Stand-Alone Novel

When they destroyed him, he plotted his revenge.

Six people will die at the hands of two hired assassins. Six people will pay for the way they publicly defamed him and humiliated him. Six people will burn in hell for all that they did to him—including Alex and Jennifer Wenn.

In Annihilate Them, which is the third book in the international best-selling Annihilate Me series, expect a devastating and suspenseful series of events as Stephen Rowe, the villain from Annihilate Him, returns to exact his bloody brand of justice.

With Christina Ross’ gift for delivering a stunning series of twists, turns, suspense, wit and action, Annihilate Them will have readers screaming one minute, and swooning the next.

After all—who will live and who will die this time around? Because in this book, no one is safe—and not all of them are coming out alive.

Annihilate Them is a full-length, stand-alone novel that features all of your favorite characters—Jennifer and Alex, Blackwell, Lisa and Tank, and many more. It is the most arresting, heart-stopping Annihilate Me book yet.

Contemporary Urban Fiction
Annihilate Them: Holiday


Holiday romance and mayhem from the author of the international bestselling Annihilate Me series. More than two million books sold worldwide in six different languages!

Description: After one hellish year in which their lives nearly were claimed by a madman—and with a new baby on the way in just a matter of weeks—Jennifer and Alex decide to spend this particular holiday season in Manhattan with their extended family of friends, if only so Jennifer can be close to her doctor. With that decision made and no travel plans on the horizon, one would think that this holiday should be a breeze, right?

Not even close.

First, Blackwell and Lisa butt heads over who’s the best choice to throw Jennifer’s baby shower. As infamously strong-willed as Blackwell is, she’s soon rattled to find out that Lisa is no pushover. In fact, she’s hellbent on proving that she can stand up to Blackwell with ideas of her own…in ways that might leave the reader howling.

Second, there’s Cutter and Daniella, who are headed straight for a break-up due to Daniella’s insistence that they move in together Will they be kissing under the mistletoe after weeks of not speaking? After Blackwell has a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter, readers might be surprised by the outcome…

Third—and perhaps most dire in this book—is the appearance of Ava Kent, Jennifer’s abusive and cunning drunk of a mother, who suddenly crashes back into Jennifer’s life in ways that are so corrosive and toxic, it sends an already fragile Jennifer literally to her breaking point.

In “Annihilate Them: Holiday,” expect all the romance, love, sexy times and laughs that you’ve enjoyed in the previous Holiday books, but also expect much more drama, especially when it comes to Ava. When she dares to threaten Jennifer with one mother of a deception that sheds new insight into Jennifer’s past, she does so with a fierceness that darkens these holidays in the coldest of ways.

Note: Make sure to read “Annihilate Them” before you read “Annihilate Them: Holiday.”

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