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Ignite Me


Christina Ross has sold more than 3.5 million books worldwide in six different languages.

romantic comedy novel
Ignite Me: An Office Romantic Comedy Novel

A young woman eager to find success.
When Madison Wells lands the job of Barbara Blackwell's personal assistant at Manhattan conglomerate Wenn Enterprises, she thinks she knows what to expect. After all, Madison is no fool. Armed with a freshly-minted MBA, she's researched her new boss, and she's well aware of Blackwell's reputation as a hardcore perfectionist.
But reading about her boss is one thing. Coping with the woman's daily demands is another matter entirely, a brutal reality that Madison soon discovers in ways that are by turns harrowing, humiliating, and hilarious.
Enter Brock Wenn, the hot new hire, who is so sexy and gorgeous, he immediately makes Madison's toes curl with lust.
The daily struggle to satisfy her notoriously difficult boss isn't Madison's only problem. When her new job throws her into close proximity with her hunky new colleague Brock Wenn, electricity ignites between them. Overwhelmed by their instant and undeniable attraction, Madison's ability to focus on her job wavers, a lapse that her eagle-eyed boss spots immediately--and refuses to tolerate.
The flames of desire run high and hot in Ignite Me. But will those flames build into an inferno--or will the boss-from-hell snuff out Madison and Brock's budding office romance?

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