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Stand-Alone Novels


Christina Ross has sold more than 3.5 million books worldwide in six different languages.

friends to lovers novels
Faking It: A Friends To Lovers Novel


The next book from Christina Ross is called Faking It


Mega-hot action star, Jackson Cruise, has the world by its balls.  He’s super hot, super successful, his movies have made billions at the box office, but he has a secret that can never get out.  Jackson is a closeted gay man who fears that his career will be over if word of his sexuality is confirmed.  


TMZ and other rags have been sniffing around Jackson and speculating about his sexuality for years, and rumors are now swirling again—but this time with a vengeance, especially since he was recently photographed kissing another man while getting on his private jet.


In an effort to crush the story, swift steps must be taken, and so Sienna Jones—a hot new actress enjoying rave reviews for her first movie—is summoned by her agent, Harper Carmichael, who tells her that Jackson’s people have called to ask if she’d come in an audition for a part.  What part?  Neither knows—and neither really cares, because being in a movie with Jackson Cruise would launch Sienna’s career into the stratosphere.


But when Sienna goes to meet the actor at his agent’s office at CAA in New York, where he is about to shoot his next movie, Sienna soon learns the truth.  She isn’t being requested to be in a movie with Jackson.  Instead, Sienna is being requested to be his beard!  


For the next eight months, she will be paid handsomely if she agrees to be the handsome actor’s new girlfriend.  All she needs to do is to act the part—and reap the rewards of her new-found attention.  Seeing the massive opportunity being presented to her, Sienna decides to take the job and fake it, and before long, her star starts to rise as she and Jackson begin trending on Twitter.  


Soon, she and Jackson are seen everywhere together.  They go to parties, movie premiers, they dine and they wine—all while the actor’s hunky security guard, Austin Black, looks on at Sienna in lust.


As Sienna and Austin become friends—and then a whole lot more after one hot night of passion—the question is just how long can Sienna continue to fake it when she realizes that she’s falling in love.

romantic comedy novel
Ignite Me: An Office Romantic Comedy Novel

A young woman eager to find success.
When Madison Wells lands the job of Barbara Blackwell's personal assistant at Manhattan conglomerate Wenn Enterprises, she thinks she knows what to expect. After all, Madison is no fool. Armed with a freshly-minted MBA, she's researched her new boss, and she's well aware of Blackwell's reputation as a hardcore perfectionist.
But reading about her boss is one thing. Coping with the woman's daily demands is another matter entirely, a brutal reality that Madison soon discovers in ways that are by turns harrowing, humiliating, and hilarious.
Enter Brock Wenn, the hot new hire, who is so sexy and gorgeous, he immediately makes Madison's toes curl with lust.
The daily struggle to satisfy her notoriously difficult boss isn't Madison's only problem. When her new job throws her into close proximity with her hunky new colleague Brock Wenn, electricity ignites between them. Overwhelmed by their instant and undeniable attraction, Madison's ability to focus on her job wavers, a lapse that her eagle-eyed boss spots immediately--and refuses to tolerate.
The flames of desire run high and hot in Ignite Me. But will those flames build into an inferno--or will the boss-from-hell snuff out Madison and Brock's budding office romance?

friends to lovers novels
A Dangerous Widow: A Novel of Suspense 


When they killed her man--she became dangerous.

Five years after her beloved husband's death, Kate Stone suddenly learns that it was no accident. Instead, it was a full-on, calculated, cold-blooded murder. 

Enter Ben Cade, the first love of Kate's life--a man she hasn't seen in sixteen years. 

Now a former SEAL turned private investigator, Ben agrees to help Kate learn the truth. And just as the love they once shared for each other begins to heat up, chaos ignites as twists, turns, death threats and deceptions abound. 

"A Dangerous Widow" is a thrilling, harrowing story of romantic suspense from #1 internationally best-selling author Christina Ross, whose books have sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. 

"A Dangerous Widow" is Christina Ross at her best! 

friends to lovers novels
Chance: A Billionaire Romance Novel

From the #1 best-selling author of the ANNIHILATE ME series and the UNLEASH ME series, comes Christina Ross' hottest book yet--and her first stand-alone novel!

One night with him awakened my senses.

One more night with him threw everything into question. Everything I thought I knew about myself.

My name is Abby Evans. I was raised by a God-fearing mother determined to turn me into the good girl she always wanted me to be. For twenty-five years, she succeeded. 

Until the one night she didn’t. 

That night, I had a one-night stand with a stranger. And already I can sense something within me that wants to break free.

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